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ForestConnect: Forestry BMPs for Extreme Weather
Forestry BMPs for Extreme Weather

As we witness the impacts of climate change, weather emergencies are occurring more frequently as bigger and more intense storms become more common. Landowners, foresters, and managers cannot anticipate or prepare for every contingency, but they can rely on a set of best management practices (BMPs) to prevent soil erosion during extreme weather events. Increasing their knowledge of effective techniques and newer erosion control materials can prepare managers to mitigate problems and reduce their overall costs. With advanced planning, managers can keep these materials available to mitigate erosion during extreme weather events. Asking a few simple questions during a timber sale layout will help land managers anticipate potential problems and plan to prevent them. Join Steven Roberge for a discussion about building a system of BMPs to mitigate the impacts of severe weather during harvesting operations.

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