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ForestConnect - Increasing Forest Resiliency for an Uncertain Future
Change in forests is natural and healthy, yet it is likely that we are at a time when the number of stressors facing our forests is greater than it has ever been. In addition, the pace with which the stressors are arising is increasing. These pressures threaten the personal benefits that forests provide to their owners as well as the many benefits they provide to the public.

All forests and the landscapes they lie within have some characteristics that make them resilient and others that make them vulnerable to stressors. We can increase the resiliency of our forests and landscapes by evaluating these characteristics and implementing actions to address the vulnerabilities. Increasing forest resiliency will help maintain the many essential benefits we rely on and provides us options for adapting to future conditions. In New England, this means reaching critical local decision-makers, such as land trusts. This session will provide participants the ability to evaluate the resiliency of a forest or forested landscape and determine actions that can be taken to increase the resiliency. Presented by Paul Catanzaro. University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
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